T minus 3 days. It’s crunch time. Saturday is test day.

November 28, 2017

I took the SAT twice when I was in high school. The first run was a royal flop; the second got me a full-tuition merit scholarship at the University of Chicago. In retrospect, it’s no mystery what I did wrong. Let me share my experience with you, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes during crunch time.

Wednesday —

I’m home from school, and a wave of unease is rippling through the household. I’m way hungrier than I should be, and the last thing I want to do is my homework. I manage to procrastinate until 9pm and stay up all night finishing an assignment I forgot about (oops!).

Thursday —

Ugh. I’m stressed. Everything is in my way and the world is against me. I find out about a drama going on in the grade below and become totally preoccupied with getting the inside-scoop in order to avoid thinking about my real problems.

Friday –

Okay, now I’m willing to admit that the SAT is tomorrow. Panic sets in. I look at the giant book of practice problems untouched in a desolate corner of my bedroom and decide now is the time to start studying. Flipping through, I see page after page of formulas that I don’t remember using since middle school. I take a deep breath and say well, I know what I know; it’s got to be good enough.

Saturday –

I’m exhausted and chugging coffee in my car before walking into the test center. Did I misspell my name on the bubble sheet? Once I start to think about a question, I look at the clock and get anxious about how much time I have left. I freeze. After the test, I go home and cry for three hours.

That’s worst-case scenario. Here’s what we’d like to see:

Wednesday —

Alright. Three nights, three sections on the SAT. I’m going to dedicate an hour before bed each night to reviewing one of the sections. I start with reading, because that’s what I like best. Confidence booster. Nothing is keeping me from my eight hours of sleep tonight.

Thursday —

I send a quick text to my tutor asking about a tough problem I looked over the night before. She reminds me of the strategy for that question type in case I get stuck on test day. Tonight I run through my grammar workbook that outlines each rule I might be asked about on Saturday. Eight more hours of sleep.

Friday –

Am I excited for the SAT? That’s a stretch, but I’m ready to put my new strengths to the test. Before bed, I’m reading through my math guide, memorizing a few formulas, polishing up the tools in my toolbox. I’ve totally got this. Nothing can be surprise me. I know these problems like the back of my hand.

Saturday –

I’m up in time to eat a protein-rich breakfast and read a newspaper article to get the juices flowing. One more glance over my notes, and I can tell I couldn’t be better prepared. I walk in the test center head held high and ready to show the world what I’ve got.

Which week are you going to have?

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