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Throughout history, expert one-on-one tutoring was reserved for royalty or nobility. CEO Ian Siegel and his dedicated team of tutors are democratizing this high level of customized instruction to equip Baltimore middle and high school students with the tools to excel in school, on standardized testing, and in college admissions. Our tutors hail from top-20 colleges, scored in the top 98th percentile of the SAT or ACT, and are passionate about transforming our students’ academic prospects. We specialize in test prep and college counseling but tutor every middle and high school subject. We’re constantly innovating with new technologies to expedite and enhance our students’ learning experience. In short, we’re the best tutors in town.

Our Foundation

When CEO Ian Siegel attended high school at Saint Anselm’s Abbey School in Washington, DC, he felt that he could be learning at a faster pace.  Even at what the Washington Post ranked the most challenging high school in DC, Ian found himself unsatisfied. He’d stay up late reading Russian novels or writing short stories that he’d submit to writing competitions.  He completed 3 years of Latin in one and by senior year was taking 4 AP language classes in addition to AP classes in math, science, and history. He still felt like he could be learning more.

After 4 years at Vanderbilt and 2 years at an education consulting firm in Silicon Valley, Ian had discovered the key to a faster pace of learning: expert one-on-one tutoring.  Through his experiences tutoring athletes at Vanderbilt and the children of some of the most powerful families in the country in Silicon Valley, Ian observed skill and knowledge acquisition that far outpaced his experience in class or learning on his own.  In Silicon Valley, for example, he created a holistic reading and writing program that increased students’ reading percentile scores on the ISEE/SSAT by 50-150%. The magic blend of customized instruction, near peer mentorship, and a results-oriented philosophy contributed to an exciting efficacy that was impossible to ignore.

In creating Streamline Tutors, Ian set out to make this revolutionary form of education widely available in Baltimore, focusing first on one of the most significant determinants of every college-bound student’s future: standardized tests.  Doing so has involved investing in digital learning tools like SmartyPrep and SmartyBubble as well as launching a nonprofit arm SmartyScholars, which makes the best instruction available to high achieving students from high need backgrounds.

Ian has been featured in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, and WJZ television.  He’s known in Baltimore as the best SAT tutor in town and possesses a tutoring style that most of his clients would describe as unforgettable.  Ian still regularly takes official SATs at local Baltimore schools where he enjoys challenging himself to get perfect scores (he got 1600 on 2 of the last 4).


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