February 1, 2018
Case Study 5: The “Bad Test-Taker”

Executive Summary: Anthony was a middle of the road Park student starting at an 1120 on his diagnostic SAT. He had great grades, but his performance on the SAT didn’t seem to match. Parents were struggling to come up with an explanation, but Streamline knew exactly what to do. Challenges: From the start, Anthony came […]

January 30, 2018
Case Study 4: The Recruited Athlete

Executive Summary: Claire was a star lacrosse player at McDonogh. Her junior year, she was recruited at an Ivy League school — all she needed was a 29 on the ACT. Challenges: Claire’s practice schedule made it impossible to register for a prep class. She needed one-on-one, with flexible timing that kept her committed and […]

Case Study 3: The Prep Plateau

Executive Summary: Teresa was a popular girl at Franklin High with a starting score of 21. She never thought of herself as an academic-type, but she needed a 27 for her dream school. Her tutor unearthed the academic insecurities that were preventing real growth. Challenges: Many students anticipate their development will be a linear progression: […]

Case Study 2: Bright Students Need Tutoring Too

Executive Summary: Tim was a bright Mcdonogh student with a high starting score — 1420 walking in the door. His parents had signed him up to take a prep class with another local company. After months with them, his score had managed to go down. Streamline turned things around. Challenges: In a large traditional classroom […]

January 10, 2018
Case Study 1: Unearthing Latent Obstacles To A Student’s Test Prep Success

Miles’ IQ was in the 99th percentile while his processing speed was below the 20th percentile. We wouldn’t find that out until we conducted a full battery of educational testing. It took a lot of work to get us there. The parents were resistant. “Isn’t extra time cheating? There’s nothing wrong with my kid!” Unfortunately, in the traditional classroom setting, a high IQ can mask certain learning differences. When a child is earning good grades and keeping up with the material, parents and teachers don’t always recognize red flags.

February 24, 2017
I’m not happy with my SAT score!

With junior year creeping to a close, those who aren’t happy with their scores face a challenging array of questions: Should I jump ship on the SAT and try my hand at the ACT (or vice versa)? Should I sign up for a class? Seek out a private tutor? Switch tutors? Give up?


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