How Streamline Redefines SAT and ACT Prep

January 13, 2020

When SAT and ACT season rolls around, many parents hesitate before signing their kids up for test prep. There is already so much going on — lacrosse practice, AP exams, rehearsals — and what does a test prep service really offer? Just a few tricks, a couple of patterns to memorize, all for some number on a piece of paper?

At Streamline, we do so much more. As educators, we view the test prep process as an opportunity for students to hone in on their strengths and weaknesses, sharpening the tools in their toolbox in preparation for life’s next big adventure. We’ve oriented our prep regime to address the building blocks of each discipline in a way that is meaningful within and beyond the context of the SAT. At the same time, Streamline emphasizes understanding where the student is coming from, and tailoring our instruction to the unique needs of the student.

This effort is especially apparent in our mathematics program. Streamline has a three-tiered pyramid approach to math problems on the SAT and ACT. The top tier is the most heavily concept driven: a quick solution involving a high-level awareness of the ideas at play. The second tier still involves a conceptual element, but the solving strategy is more straightforward. The third tier calls to stage our test-taking strategies that minimize the need for familiarity with the concept. The efficiency of each approach varies with the problem. Our tutors are trained to identify the needs of individual students and get them to the next level, no matter where they’re starting.

A successful mathematics education is like a well-constructed home. Some students come to us with a strong foundation, ready for a high-rise many stories tall. Others need brick and mortar reinforcements before they can begin even a simple flat. Some have begun to build on their foundation, only to discover it wasn’t as sturdy as they had thought. These students need help dismantling the weak structure before a bigger, better home can be built. 

Streamline prepares students to walk with confidence — not just into the proctoring room, but back out into the broader world. When they meet their first college professors, we want the curtains open and the floors dusted, ready for the color and furnishings of higher education. No matter where they’re starting, we can help your child get there. To find out more, visit our website or give us call at 410-366-0479.

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