SAT subject tests: Should you take them?

What schools require SAT Subject tests?

We’ve compiled a list of colleges that either require or recommend SAT subject tests. In recent years, the importance of SAT subject tests has decreased quite a bit.  However, some schools still like to see them.

What are SAT subject tests?

The multiple-choice SAT Subject Tests — available in 20 different subjects spanning the liberal arts, STEM, and language — have been traditionally used by colleges as additional criteria for admission, course placement, and student advising. Although college admissions offices are tending to de-emphasize the importance of Subject Tests in an evaluation, there are still reasons to take the exam.  If you’d like to learn more about subject tests and how they can help you in college admissions, read this blog.

If you are planning on applying to any of the schools listed below, you must take the subject tests and send your scores for your application to be considered complete.  If a school listed below says they are “recommended,” not required, it might be a good idea to take them to show admissions officers your talent in one specific area. 


Brown University  Recommended
California Institute of Technology  Required
Carnegie Mellon University  Recommended  
Cooper Union  Required (Engineering program)
Cornell University  Required 
Dartmouth College Recommended
Emory University  Recommended
Georgetown University  Strongly Recommended
Harvard College Required
Harvey Mudd College Required
Lafayette College Recommended
Lehigh University  Recommended 
Massachussetts Institute of Technology  Required (2)
McGill University  Required
Princeton University  Recommended 
Rice University  Required
Tufts University  Required
University of California, Berkeley Recommended 
University of California, Irving  Recommended 
University of Georgia Recommended 
Webb Institute Required
Yale University  Recommended 

While we just provided you with a rough outline of what schools require or recommend subject tests, it’s always a good idea to check out the university’s website to confirm what tests to take for college admissions. 


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