What is Academic Coaching?

December 1, 2019

Academic Coaching: Learning how to play the game of school

Do you find yourself missing assignments? Or sitting down in class, only to realize you have an exam that day that you forgot about?  Do you sit down to study and not even know where to start? Are you worried about getting to college and being lost in large lectures?  Do you want to work smarter, not harder?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then academic coaching might be right for you. Academic coaches teach organizational strategies, effective time management, and study techniques, so that high school classes feel like a game that you know how to play!

What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching is a working partnership between a student and a coach, wherein the coach will evaluate a student’s organization, study habits, and current or future obstacles to success.  Then, they’ll work together to institute more effective study plans and organizational techniques. 

How can it help me now and in the future?

Academic coaching can benefit a wide variety of students, from those who struggle to pass their high school classes to those who coast through high school but are nervous for college. 

If you’re the type of student just trying to keep their head above water in high school, now is the time to pave your pathway to academic success.  The best academic coaches are trained in all academic subjects, knowledgeable about the college admissions process, and experts at goal-setting and study skills. They can guide you to making the best academic choices, including class selection and extracurricular counseling.

Many students are naturally bright enough to passively succeed in high school—  maybe you’re the kind of student who can ace exams without even cracking open a textbook.  While that might work for you now, you’ll get to college and have no idea how to study. The pace, speed, and structure of courses will be completely different from you’re used to.  That’s why academic coaches are focused on the “bigger picture;” they want you to succeed now and in the future. 

Academic decisions made early on in a student’s career can have dramatic effects on his or her later options.  From performance to preparedness, academic coaching can help your student perform his or her best when it really counts. 

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