Why academic coaching could be the solution for your child

December 12, 2017

“Am I smart, or not?” Most middle and high school aged kids ask themselves this question every day. Whether they’re sitting in a classroom taking a test, at home working on a problem set, or catching up with their friends after school, the question comes up again and again. “I got a bad grade on this test, does that mean I’m bad at x or y?” or, “I had good grades in middle school, but things have started to go downhill. What does that say about me?”

This mindset is one of the biggest roadblocks inhibiting student growth at every age level. We can’t divide the human population into “bad at math” and “good at math,” “readers” and “nonreaders,” or “smart” and “not smart.” Earning good grades requires a complex set of skills and attitudes that lead to both content mastery and performance ability. Sorting ourselves into one of these black-and-white categories washes away the nuances of our strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we risk settling into an identity that limits our potential as learners.

Our academic coaches at Streamline Tutors work to dispel the myths our students have absorbed into their self-conscious. We don’t let our students settle with what they’ve decided about themselves and their abilities. We work with them to establish the strategies and study habits they need to tackle their coursework head-on. We deliver a catered blend of content-driven and practice-oriented coaching aimed towards meaningful, tangible goals.

Maybe your son isn’t meant to be an engineer — but his bad grade on his last precalculus test could be because he hasn’t memorized the unit circle. Let us take the guesswork out of your child’s performance, and help discover where their strengths and weaknesses really lie. Before they decide who they want to be, let’s show them everything they can do.

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